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Compare GoDaddy Studio for mobile and web

GoDaddy Studio is available on the web, and as an app on iOS and Android.

The app is ideal for creating content on the go, while the web version is good for creating designs that are “better on the big screen”, such as presentation slides or Zoom backgrounds.

Here’s a list of features available on each platform:

Feature Mobile Web
Create projects for all platforms
Start with a template
Add and edit images, text, graphics, and shapes
Add filters to images
Export projects as .jpg or .png files
Access your projects across devices with Project Sync ✓ (rolling out in phases)
Upload your logo as an image
Add videos
Move multiple layers at the same time
Share social media posts to multiple platforms at once
Have quick access to your logo
Upload your own fonts
Collect graphics for easy access
Create a Link in Bio
Organize projects and templates into folders iOS only
Use layouts or layout collections iOS only
Read Discover posts that help you make the most of GoDaddy Studio iOS only

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