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How do I market to my customers?

As a reseller, you are in a prime position to market your products to an Internet-wide customer base. And as our customer, you have all the marketing tools you need readily available.

The products you are offering through your reseller store are built to help your customers create a prominent Internet presence for themselves. And the Internet is the perfect tool for you to attract those customers and explain to them why they need those very products.

Because the vast majority of Internet users rely on search engines when searching for Web content, Internet search engines is where your focus should be when you market your business. The Search Engine Visibility search engine optimization and submission tool, which is part of your reseller package, helps you position your reseller website for Internet success. Search Engine Visibility analyzes your website's compatibility with pertinent keywords and phrases and explains to you what you can do to improve the site. When you have completed fine-tuning your reseller site, Search Engine Visibility submits the site directly to the Internet's top search engines, including Google®, Yahoo!®, and MSN®. That way you will know for sure that the search engines will visit your site and add it to their indices. The Internet is home to billions of Web pages. Search Engine Visibility helps Internet users find yours.

An alternative or supplement to using Search Engine Visibility for optimizing and submitting your website is to promote your business through pay-per-click advertising, which allows you to pay for search engine placement for certain keywords and phrases. Your reseller account includes a credit for Google's AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) program. AdWords, a PPC industry leader lets you bid for placement in the Google search engine and its many affiliates on the Web. If used well, PPC is an invaluable search engine marketing tool for owners of e-businesses. The included AdWords credit lets you try your hand in PPC to see if that is a route you want to take when promoting your reseller business online.

Once you have reeled in your customers, you need to ensure that they stick around. Express Email Marketing® -- another invaluable tool included in your reseller package -- allows you to stay in touch with your customers and nurture your relationship with them through powerful, attractive email campaigns. That way, you can ensure that your customers are continually kept informed about your business and product offerings. For example, if you add a new product to your reseller store, you can inform your customers of this by creating and sending them a promotional email message. Similarly, if you are planning on discounting a product, Express Email Marketing ensures that your customers will be aware of your promotion. Building a solid customer base gives you a significant edge in the competitive ebusiness world. Communicating with and caring for your customers allows you to maintain that edge.

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