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Request updates to my Websites + Marketing site

After you set up a Website Care plan for your Websites + Marketing account, you can start requesting site updates.

Note: If you're looking to request updates for a non-Websites + Marketing site, the steps are a little different.

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page.
  2. Scroll down to Websites and select the Manage button next to your website.
  3. In the Dashboard, select Website > Requests.
    select requests
  4. Select one of the update options (you can add more changes later).
  5. Fill out the page with your request and then select Done.

    If you're attaching an image or video, there are filename and format requirements:

    • Filenames can't include any of these characters: ^%&$,@#
    • Images must be in .png or .jpg/.jpeg format.
    • Logos must be in .png, .jpg/.jpeg, .pdf or .eps format.
    • Videos must be in .mp4 format. If you can't convert to an .mp4, we recommend uploading your video to YouTube and sending us the link - otherwise your site performance may suffer.

  6. If you have another update, select Were there any other changes you needed to make today? and then select another update option. When you've requested all of the updates you'd like, select Submit Request.
  7. To confirm your action, select Submit Request once more. A confirmation message lets you know we received the updates, and the team will get to work. You’ll receive an email when your update is complete.
  8. Note: If you need to submit additional requests, please wait until you receive the email from us telling you we've completed this update. You can then go back to Website Care and make a new request.

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